1000B Solventless Laminating Machine

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  2. 1000B Solventless Laminating Machine

1000B Solventless Laminating Machine

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in fields: film laminating

Max. Machine Speed300 m/min
Max. Web Width1050 mm
Max. Unwinding Dia.600 mm
Max. Rewinding Dia.800 mm
Core I.D.3″ or 6″
Dimensions ( mm)4800(L) x 3000(W) x 2500(H)


The following main features make the machine one of the most popular laminator models in the markets, which includes,

– Accurate digital control of the coating amount, with patented independent digital control.

– Stability of the lamination pressures, with patented horizontal laminating nips.

– Precision sectional independent tension control systems, with dancing rollers.

– Better rewinding with settable rewinding tension to different diameters and tension tapers from the core to the max diameter.

– High production efficiency, etc.


  • Suitable for subjects: flexible packing and lamination companies.
  • Applicable scope: film/film, film/VM film, film/foil (limitation) etc.
  • Tension Control: Dancing Rollers, Load Cell.
  • Coating Unit Control Motor: Servo Motor.
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