Automatic Folder Sealer Machine

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Automatic Folder Sealer Machine

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folder sealergable top box

Automatic Folder Sealer Machine for Gable-top box, Combilock box (Brick Box)

Applications: Using Double-sided of Polythene-coated Cardboard to fold and glue gable top box and Combilock box


Basic Pattern: Gable-top box, Combilock box (Brick Box).
Material Type: Double-sided of Polythene-coated Cardboard.
Paper Thickness: Min.0.36mm, Max.0.60mm
Box Expanded Width Size: 221mm≦Combilock ≦299mm
Box Expanded Length Size:114mm≦Combilock≦310mm
Sealing Place: Side sealing & Middle sealing.
Heating System: Electric heating 0~600℃
Manual Carrier Movement Operation
Machine Speed: Max. 280 M/min
Machine Dimension: 17820*1032*1700mm

Material Type:Double-sided of Polythene-coated Cardboard
Machine Speed: Max. 280 M/min
Pattern:Gable-top box, Combilock box (Brick Box)
Required Power: 168KW
Sealing Place:Side sealing & Middle sealing
Net Weight: 7,600KG

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