HY-1350SP Computer controlled Hi-speed Slitting Machine

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  2. HY-1350SP Computer controlled Hi-speed Slitting Machine

HY-1350SP Computer controlled Hi-speed Slitting Machine

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Technical Parameters: 

Material120-600g/mpaper or paper plastic
Material width150-1350mm
Maximum mechanical speed450m/min
Maximum slitting speed400m/min
Maximum unwind diameter         φ1800mm(6″paper core)
Φ800mm(3″paper core)
Maximum rewind diameterφ1500mm(6″paper core)
φ800mm (3″paper core)
Unwind and rewind paper core3″ & 6″
Minimum slitting width≥150mm
Rewind precision±0.5mm
Slitting precision±0.15mm
Diameter of adjusting roll and guide rollφ120mm  
LPC precision≤0.1mm
Up circular knife sizePneumatic knife(DELSAR)
Down circular knife sizeΦ120×φ100×10mm 
Edge blowing deviceHigh pressure fan
Ways of unwindHydraulic system for unwind,air inflated shaft
Ways of rewindHydraulic system for unloading, air inflated shaft
Air source0.7Mpa≤P≤1.0Mpa
Total powerAbout 45kw

Main function

  • unwind device
  • adjusting roll and guide roll
  • meter counting device
  • LPC device
  • slitting device
  • edge blowing device
  • rewind device
  • unloading device
  • machine shelf
  • air channel device
  • electric control system
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