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Pre Print Gearless CI Flexo Printing Machine

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Pre print is the morden way to produce carton, use pre print machine can increase the printing and carton making efficiency, this is roll to roll printing, and then use corrugated paper board line to make corrugated paper baord, and then can get the finish printed corrugated paper board.


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Main Technical Parameters

Substrate:                                 Paper and similar material (Substrate thickness must match the setting tension)

Substrate thickness:                 80—350g/㎡

Max. substrate width:              1820mm

Max. print width:                      1800mm

Max. print units:                       6 colors+1 color varnish

Register precision:                   ±0.1mm

Print repeat length:                  700-2000mm

Tension control range:             17~100kg(full web)

Plate thickness:                        1.7mm, 1.14mm

Adhesive tape thickness:          0.38mm, 0.5mm (direct pasting)

Max. mechnical speed:             300m/min

Printing speed:                        250m/min, subject to the following factors:

                                                                 Print plate perimeter

                                                                 Ink and solvent

                                                                 Print image and quality

Ink type:                                   Water based ink or solvent based ink

Drive method:                          Servo drive

Register control:                     Servo control

Power supply:                         AC400V  ±5%, 50HZ

Max. un/rewind diameter:        1500mm

Splice method:                        Non-stop automatic splice

Heating & drying system:        Steam heating (optional electrical heating,  natural gas heating, thermal oil heating, etc)

Air flow during sleeve change: 1500l/min

Air flow during machine running: 750l/min

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